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        Campus Recruitment

        Campus recruitment

        Salary of new graduates

        Salary structure:basic wage+ post wage + performance bonus+ overtime pay≈5K-9K。

        Insurance and Housing Fund:start buying in the first month。

        Service Age Award:half a year,100 yuan/month;

                                1 year,300 yuan/month;

                                More than 2 year,400 yuan/month

        Year-end bonus:according to the company's performance

        Project prize:according to the project。

        Requirements and required materials  :


             All the graduates must have no record of violation in the school, no bad habits, good physical quality, good communication skills, and high stress tolerance.


        2、Required materials

             Resume, school employment recommendation form, transcripts (stamped with school seal), copies of relevant certificates and one copy of ID card.


        Human Resource Department

        Mr. Fang, Ms. Wang

        TEL: 0755-36676888-8175、13006664095

        E-mail: fangxuefeng@sunnypol.com 、wangmiao@sunnypol.com   


        Shenzhen:No. 246,Gongchang Road, Xinhu  Street,Guangming   District,  Shenzhen City, China.

        Hefei:Sunnypol Industrial Park, Tongling North Road, Xinzhan District, Hefei City,Anhui Province China.

        Putian:Hualin Industrial Zone, Chengxiang District, Putian City, Fujian Province, China.